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The Importance of Paying for Nanny Tax Services

The Importance of Paying for Nanny Tax Services

Tax4Nanny is a one stop shop for your nanny tax service. It is important to note that covering nanny taxes requires a specific process which our nanny tax service provides. Our objective is for you to feel that your nanny taxes are being properly filed and looked after by trusted, established professionals who will take care of your nanny taxes with the utmost care.

What Does Our Nanny Tax Service Provide?

Our Nanny Tax Service takes care of the filing process from beginning to end. Your nanny deserves to be treated fairly as an equal employee and be taxed accordingly, and you deserve the peace of mind knowing that your tax filings have been prepared properly. Some of the items we perform are as follows:

  • Calculate and apply the proper deductions,
  • Review and complete the necessary forms and instructions,
  • Create an ROE (Record of Employment) for your nanny, and
  • Process the nanny’s T4 tax slip.

The Importance of Paying Nanny Tax in Ontario

The failure to file proper nanny tax material in Ontario is mainly due to the perception that people who hire a nanny do not consider themselves “real” employers and therefore do not sense a requirement to pay the nanny tax. Therefore, many people miss the real tax consequences and filing liabilities of hiring someone to live and work at home. It is important to realize that when one hires a nanny, be it in Ontario or anywhere else, one becomes a very real employer as defined by the tax rules and regulations.

How Our Nanny Tax Service Helps

We take you through the entire process, from beginning to end. Our nanny tax service considers every case unique and we focus on ensuring that your particular situation is handled in the most effective and tax beneficial manner possible. Let Tax4Nanny help you today!

Please contact us directly to find out more about our Nanny Tax Service.

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