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Live-in Caregiver or Nanny Tax Services

Live-in Caregiver or Nanny Tax Services

Many families have realized that caregivers and nannies provide essential help and support freeing up some time for busy parents. Nannies are specialists in child care and development and have special skills to meet child personal, emotional and other needs. Some of their duties include organizing day-to-day activities, meal planning and preparation, providing behavioral guidelines and discipline. Nannies and caregivers create a nurturing and trustworthy environment in the family. Until a family finds a devoted nanny for children, parents have to go through an exhaustive and time-consuming process.

  • If you hire a nanny or an elder care provider, you will be required by federal law to register as an employer with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
  • You must deduct income nanny tax, Employment Insurance premiums and Canada Pension Plan Contributions.
  • You must give your employee a record of employment, withholding statement of earnings which shows your nanny’s gross and net pay, specific deductions, etc.

If you don’t want to feel stressed and overwhelmed with filling out the forms and going through a tedious process, our dedicated team of skilled and experienced professionals will help you to resolve your problems.

How Our Nanny Tax Services Help You

At Tax4Nanny, we strive for excellence and provide outstanding customer service.

  • Tax4Nanny offers extensive services in nanny tax calculations and reporting as well as registering you as an employer with the CRA.
  • At Tax4Nanny, we ensure that all registration and nanny tax reporting requirements are fulfilled and follow federal law.
  • We are constantly keeping our clients updated with any changes in tax laws, deadlines and employment premiums.
  • We ensure that nanny tax is paid correctly and on time to avoid interest and penalty charges.
  • And much more.

Tax4Nanny services clients in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA as well as throughout Canada. We are considered a “nanny tax frustration relief” for many families in Canada.